Writing tips for beginners

No matter the type of content you’re writing, it’s important to have a standard starting point. I’m not one to tell people how to write, but this is my general rule of thumb for writing content.

First, know what the heck you are writing about! If that involves a little research beforehand, that is 100% okay. It’s better to take a little extra time to get the right information you need before writing. Putting out false information or incorrect statistics won’t look so great.

Sometimes, you just have to write crap on a page before you come up with anything decent. I’ve written a lot of crap in my day, but how else would you be able to tell the difference between good and bad writing? Unfortunately, nobody is born with writing skills. It takes practice!

Depending on the content, you either have to fluff it up or stick to the point. Either way, be prepared. Too much detail, especially if it’s unnecessary, will lose the reader. If you are writing about something like concrete, that could get boring quickly. It will be hard at first, but you’ll eventually be able to add a little personality to keep any tedious content interesting.

Proofread. For the love of all that is holy, just proofread. You don’t have to be a grammar fanatic to do this. I can’t tell you how many essays or blogs I have edited in which the writer didn’t give their content a quick skim. I don’t know if it’s carelessness, laziness, or what, but if I have to use up most of my time (that you are paying for) correcting words underlined in red, it’s only going to hurt you and possibly your bank account (just kidding).

One of my favorite things about writing is coming up with a title, which I save for the end. You want it to be eye-catching, something fun or interesting. However, if you’re writing for SEO, it will have to be catered to what people look for in search engines. That’s a whole other blog, though.

There are more helpful writing tips out there, but these are at the top of my list for any type of content I’m writing. If you have any questions about these tips or would like to schedule a consultation, please do so!

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